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Outdoor Events

'Virtual' field trips (via the medium of Zoom) are listed on the Online Events page.

DateSunday 10 July 2022 at 10:30
LocationNear Clitheroe
LeaderPeter del Strother
NotesWe will visit the site of the lead mine at Skeleron, of indeterminate date but it might have been operated in Roman times as it is very close to the Roman Road. The main evidence is in the form of bell pits. There is no spoil heap but baryte can be found in the local stream bed. There is an exposure of Chatburn Limestone, in which the mineralisation has taken place.

The mine is on private property so will those interested please get in touch using the email address below.

Time permitting we will later examine turbidites in the Pendle Grit, at Nick of Pendle, and the nearby remains of another lead mine for which we have very early documentary evidence. It is also located in a fault zone in the Chatburn Limestone.
ContactPeter del Strother

DateWednesday 24 August 2022 at 10:30
LocationHope Cement Works
LeaderPeter del Strother
NotesWe will see the Carboniferous limestone and Edale shale quarries, the key parts of the cement works and some very interesting restoration of previously worked out areas. The cement works is the largest in the UK.

Buffet provided. It is a requirement, with no exceptions, that everyone wears full PPE, including lace-up safety boots. These will be provided if people let me know their shoe sizes in advance. The site also need to know S/M/L/XL size for safety jackets which they will also provide. They will provide safety helmets too.

If more than 20 people sign up, it will be first come first serve from those who contact me
ContactPeter del Strother

DateSunday 11 September 2022
LocationLyme Park
LeaderJane Michael
NotesThe Geology and Geomorphology of Lyme Park (Part 2).

This year, we will be investigating further glacial features in the western part of the Park plus looking at fossils and rock formations. Yes there are rock exposures and fossils but you do have to seek them out! The walk will be based round Walk 11 in Rocky Rambles in the Peak District but also including elements of Walk 10 if there is time. We may also see deer although the 'rut' will not have started. I am intending to undertake this trip as an all day, from 10am until probably 3.30pm, so we will be 'eating out' in the field (let's hope it doesn't rain!).

For further information and a copy of the Itinerary and Risk Assessment, please email me. Please note that non-National Trust members will have to pay entry to the park that does not include entry to the house.
ContactJane Michael

DateSunday 2 October 2022
LocationCastleton area, Derbyshire
LeaderCathy Hollis
NotesJoint event with OUGS(NW).
Includes Treak Cliff Cavern, £11 payable on the day.
Numbers are limited. Booking essential
ContactKen Jacobs


Each person attending a field meeting does so on the understanding that he/she attends at his/her own risk. The MGA has Public Liability Insurance cover (including member-to-member cover) for field and indoor meetings and an element of Personal Accident cover. However, members should always ensure that they have Personal Liability cover (normally part of the standard householder's insurance policy - please check your policy) and comprehensive Personal Accident cover. These elements of insurance cover are your responsibility.

Members are reminded that, when in the field, they should wear suitable clothing, take reasonable precautions for their own and others' safety, and follow the leader's instructions. Hard hats should always be taken. When walking through areas such as long grass or bracken, or areas where sheep or deer graze, skin should be covered and tick repellent used - see the Tick Awareness website

If you intend to come along to an event, or for more information about the event or the Risk Assessment for that event, please get in touch with the named contact for that event.

Visitors are always welcome