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Newsletter - July 2007


Well, are you enjoying the summer in the field? Bit wet, what?

What a pity that rain cancelled play for our trip to Wales last Sunday. Jane hopes to re-schedule the Nant Ffrancon trip in September. She is already planning next yearís field activities. Please respond to her messages.

Fred Owen is still doing sterling work with our membership and the North West Geologist. If youíve not yet received your copy of this year's NWG, please contact Fred.

Jim Spencer has a stunning programme of lectures ready for us next winter. Lecture notes for these events will be in the September newsletter.

Marjorie and Sue are beavering away at the RIGS updates, can you help them?

With best wishes to all
Mary Howie newsletter editor

PS Iíve changed my personal email address in the hopes of avoiding a lot of spam! The old address is still active, but only just. You can contact me via

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North West Geologist

I hope you have enjoyed reading the articles in your copy of Issue 13. We are looking for more articles to go into the next edition to be published in 2008, so please give a thought to writing one about the unforgettable geo-walk, geo-holiday, geo-book or geo-experience you have this year.

In particular the Editor wants a good photo of a geological feature in the North West to show off on the front cover. Search those piles of photos I've seen you taking on field trips and select one or two that fit the bill. See P2 of Issue 13 for more information.

If you need any advice contact either myself or the Editor, Wendy Simkiss.
Fred Owen

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Important Messages from Jane Michael

*2008 Outdoor Events*

I am already planning next year's events.


As already mentioned, John Nudds has offered to take a week long trip to Solenhofen. This will happen during the last week in May (ie May Bank Holiday/Half Term). Please could you let me know if you are interested.
This is an expression of interest only at present but if there is no interest then there is no point in me spending any more time on it!

*Isle of Man*

I am also considering a long weekend (Friday - Monday) in the Isle of Man in October next year. Again I am looking for expressions of interest so that I can take forward investigating accommodation, travel and confirming with the proposed leader (who led for Leeds last year) that they are willing to do the trip again.

*Scunthorpe Steel Works*

This trip is likely to take place during a weekday evening in the early part of next year. We would be joining an organised trip which currently happens on Wednesdays starting at 6 pm (fully booked until nearly the end of this year when I asked in March!). Would this be of interest? Please let me know if it would, and whether this start time is ok together with the fact that it would be a working day.

Jane Michael or 0161 366 0595

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Membership matters

Renewals for 2007 resulted in 10 members leaving the Association, mainly because of competing time pressures. However, so far this year 24 new members have joined us, which is excellent news. Council extends a warm welcome to them all and trusts their membership will be interesting, rewarding and friendly.

Please keep encouraging your friends to try our events and then enrol if they enjoy them.

Fred Owen, Membership Secretary

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Herdman Symposium report

Niall Clarke has written a report of the Herdman Symposium, which was organised by the University of Liverpool Geology Society

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Report of MGA field trip to Buxton

Mary Howie has written a report of MGA field trip to Buxton, which took place in April.

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Greater Manchester RIGS Group

We have recruited two new volunteers since March 2007. Unfortunately we are losing Mr and Mrs Crellin who are moving from the Stockport area in the near future. GMRIGS Group would like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Crellin for their dedicated involvement over the past year.

Since March, 2007, four volunteers have visited 12 sites between them, covering Oldham, Wigan and Stockport and have returned completed site access forms. I have visited sites around Arley Golf Club, Wigan. Arley needs another visit, as permission in needed from the Golf Club to access one of the sites. In total, since April, 2006, volunteers have visited 33 sites and returned completed site access forms to us. GMRIGS Committee members have, between them, visited 32 sites, some of these being multiple sites i.e. more than one outcrop within the area. There are still 115 public sites still to be investigated and these have been prioritised using the criteria laid down by UK RIGS. No figure is available for sites that require permission to access, but this will be obtained from records stored in the Manchester Museum when required.

In order to assess Greater Manchester sites for designation as RIGS Sue and I visited two Lancashire RIGS sites on Monday, 14" May, 2007. (i) Fletcher Bank Quarry, Ramsbottom and (ii) Towneley Park, Burnley. Unfortunately, Fletcher Bank Quarry was in the process of being in-filled, At Towneley Park we found the erratic, but the stream section was too overgrown to be seen properly. Contact has been made with Cheshire RIGS Group and they have promised to send us details of some of their RIGS sites, which we hope to visit later this month.

We would appreciate members of the MGA to help us investigate the remaining public sites. The site geology has already been recorded on sheets stored in: the Manchester Museum, and initially all we require is an access and safety of site report. Many of these sites are in very pleasant areas and would make an interesting day out for all the family, so come on MGA members please come and lend us a hand.

Marjorie E. Mosley, Secretary, Greater Manchester RIGS Group.

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Shropshire Geological Society Symposium

The Ground beneath our Feet: 200 years of Geology in the Marches

Ludlow Assembly Rooms
Thursday 13th September 2007

to celebrate

∑ the 200th anniversary of the founding of the Geological Society of London
∑ the 175th anniversary of Murchison's epic visit to the area that led to publication of The Silurian System
∑ the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Geologists' Association


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Harrow and Hillingdon GS field trip to France

Harrow and Hillingdon Geological Society are planning a trip to the Auvergne region of France next year and would welcome participants from other societies. Dates are 21 May to 4 June and the trip will be led by Dr Roger Suthren (Univ of Derby) who led a previous trip to Languedoc. We will be travelling to the region by train and visits to all scheduled sites/centres will be by coach.

The excursion will be based at three centres and accommodation will be on a half-board basis. Currently the cost is estimated to be £1295 per person. The itinerary will include the ChaÓne des Puys and the Mont Dore stratovolcano, the Triassic asteroid impact in the Limousin and mineralization of the Massif Central.

For further information please contact Allan Wheeler tel 01344 455451 or email

I went to this area some years ago.. And itís fantastic! I gather that their travel arrangements are being made by Ffestioniog Travel who do the trips for the Wilmslow Guild. Ed Back to top of page