Iceland - a Geologistís heaven - and the sun does shine there

I had two and a half weeks in Iceland in July and promised Mary I would write something for the newsletter. Well Iíve decided just to tell you of my three favourite bits because I would need a whole newsletter for the proper report!!

1. Dettifoss and Selfoss

One of the most powerful waterfalls in Europe, Dettifoss in the north of Iceland was seriously scary. You can dangle oneís toes in it as the silt-laden water falls over the edge as the photo shows. It was awesome.


2. Laki Gigar

A classical place in geology, Laki is everything I expected and more. We climbed Laki mountain itself, walked through the fissure area which was fascinating, drove our 4WD to another car park and walked through a lava tube looking at the most wonderful display of wild flowers.


3. Whale watching

We took a trip from Husavik to look for whales and were rewarded with seeing one Minke and 3 Humpbacks. Two of the humpbacks were Ďtogetherí, a mother and calf. Watching their antics was magical - the synchronised diving drew gasps and sighs from everyone on the boat.

Humpback whale

There was so much more, I could go on for ages. Yes it was expensive but the geology, history, flowers and birds were well worth the cost. If anyone would like further information, please contact me.

Jane Michael